Sep. 18th, 2013 03:29 pm
 Hmm, I was certain that I already had a few posts on this journal. Maybe I don't remember my account. Anyways.

I like technology and computers and programming, or at least I like the idea of it. I've yet to be motivated enough to teach myself even a scripting language (despite having amazing resources available for learning it). Maybe it's the fact that I hate debugging and error messages with a passion, or the various ways in which computers just don't want to work. I mean, why can't I have proper read/write access between a Mac and a Windows box? I understand that this has to do with the formatting of x device, but I still find it silly.

At the moment, I own two external harddrives, one of which is on 1TB and has been used as a Time Machine backup for my now defunct MacBook Pro, while the other is on 500GB and has two partitions, one FAT32 (which I, of course, cannot place files bigger than 4GB inside - why?) and one Mac OS Journaled or whatever it's called. Point being that the latter accepts files larger than 4GB, but does not work on Windows, ever. I suspect there might be a third-party programme out there that allows me to at least read Mac-formatted drives, but I have yet to find one.

This poses a hugely irritating problem, as I am in the process of migrating completely from OS X to Windows, and need my files in a Windows-readable format. How do I do this? By exporting files below 4GB to the FAT32 partition for forever, and then exporting those files to my PC's HDD. Then I realised that an easier way to solve it would be to simply export all the files I needed from the 1TB HDD to the Mac-formatted partition on the 500GB one, and then reformatting the 1TB one to a format that both Windows and OS X can read (it cannot be done the other way around due to the Time Machine thingy, which is also ridiculous). And what format would that be? FAT32 is the only one that is stable and guaranteed to work on both systems (there is also NTFS but that's read-only for OS X and the Mac can't format to that anyway). Then there's ExFAT, which isn't guaranteed to work, but should have r/w access on both computers. I still don't know if my PC will be able to write to it, but we'll see I suppose. Absolute worst scenario I'll leave all my crap on the 1TB drive and install OS X on the 500GB one, which is a massively roundabout way of going Mac -> portable device -> PC.

Technology is awesome.


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